Bicycle Day 2014 in Dnipropetrovsk – with Zeleny Svit/FoE Ukraine!

This year the annual Bicycle day has been held on May, 31st, the last saturday of spring. Due to Presidential Elections in Ukraine the Org. Commitee (where FoE Ukraine is represented as well) decided to move the bike holiday a week later.

Despite the rainy weather still over 500 cyclists came, even with children, not even talking about brave girls :). Actually we hoped to have over 4…5 thousand participants if the weather had been fine… Anyway, we think we made it, the Bicycle Day!

Orgs’ bikes 🙂

Before the start of the ride:

The row is being formed:

A patriot! 🙂


Passing by the office of Zeleny Svit/FoE Ukraine:

On the way… The distance for the row ride was over 12 km.

It was raining all the time…

Arriving to the Youth Park, where we all had competitions and lots of fun:

Our banner by the cross-country track:

I think, if the weather had been fine, a lot more cyclists would have come… Anyway it was funny to hear from sport-bike riders, that they didn’t come because of rain… sugar-made ones?.. 🙂

Anyway, every year we ride in a row like this to show, that there’s hundreds and thousands of us, who want to have equal rights in the city streets, who want to have an appropriate infrastructure and just to have fun riding bikes instead of cars or jitneys… And the number of us grows twice every year!


Yuriy Lozovenko, youth coordinator of FoE Ukraine.

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