Unfracked: Watch the recorded livestream

Watch the recorded Livestream of the conference here


On the eve of the conference, we will also hosted a special screening of GASLAND: PART II with Director Josh Fox
Wednesday 4th September 2013 18:00-21:00
Room A1G3, European Parliament, Brussels

This public conference by the Greens/EFA group was fully interpreted by 
International Sign (IS) interpreters as well as Live Speech to Text in the room on the livestream

There are several myths circulating about the extraction of shale gas, coal bed methane and other unconventional fossils, through different methods, notably hydraulic fracturing. These include: – that the extraction of such fuels will bring prosperity to Europe – that we can replicate the economic boom of the US, without repeating their environmental mistakes – that shale gas and other UFFs are necessary transition fuels – that they are good for the climate – that we do not need any extra legislation in Europe to regulate these technologies – that the risks to public health are minimal.

These are just some of the many myths which will be discussed and debunked during the Greens/EFA Group’s morning conference on unconventional fossil fuel extraction, alongside in-depth discussion of the legislative framework, and examples of “fracking-free” campaigns in Europe and the US. Speakers include researchers, academics, campaigners, economists, activists, NGOs, engineers and other stakeholders in this debate. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and debate from the floor.


Part 1: Fracking-free zones and the legislative framework 

Welcome and introduction by José Bové MEP

Presentation and Q&A of case study of fracking-free zones in Netherlands
Geert Ritsema
, Campaign coordinator Friends of the Earth, Netherlands

Presentation from US Frack Action campaign
John Armstrong

Presentations from the floor

Presentation on European legislative framework
Helène Bras
, lawyer, France

Questions & Answers / open debate


Part 2: Top myths about shale gas explained

Introduction and moderation by Carl Schlyter MEP

Shale gas extraction is good for the climate
Gabrielle Petron, University of Colorado


The existing legislative framework is adequate
Mike Hill, oil & gas engineer, UK


Short contribution from DG Environment


Shale gas is good for the economy
Thomas Porcher, economist, France


Shale gas poses minimal risk to public health
Sandra Steingraber (via skype)

Further questions/open debate

Presentation of Greens/EFA materials and conclusions
by Sandrine Bélier MEP



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