Conference and Green Forum Program

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VII International scientific-practical conference ”Problems of natural resources, sustainable development and technological security of regions” and “Green Forum”  


8-11 of October 2013



National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Friends of the Earth Europe

Zelenyi Svit / Friends of the Earth Ukraine


The topics of the Conference »Problems of natural resources, sustainable development and technological security of Regions»:

° The theoretical humanistic, legal, philosophical aspects of sustainable development;

° The resource potential, environmental management and technologies;

° Major geo/techno/ecosystems, effects and balances;

° Biodiversity, ecosystems, protected areas;

° Monitoring, ecological and technological safety of life;

° Geological, geophysical and Space phenomena, forecast of their impact on the environment;

° GIS and IT systems;

° Environmental education


Conference Program ZS


The topics of the ”Green Forum”: 

° Biosafety and biodiversity;

°  Energy and sustainable development;

° Public participation in decision-making processes;

° Environmental education;

° Urban planning and transport.


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