Conference and Green Forum

VII International scientific-practical conference “Problems of natural resources, sustainable development and technological security of regions” and “Green Forum”  


8-11 of October 2013



National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Friends of the Earth Europe

Zelenyi Svit / Friends of the Earth Ukraine


The Conference and the Forum will be attended by representatives from many European countries: NGOs, academic, politicians and business.


The topics of the Conference “Problems of natural resources, sustainable development and technological security of Regions”:

° The theoretical humanistic, legal, philosophical aspects of sustainable development;

° The resource potential, environmental management and technologies;

° Major geo/techno/ecosystems, effects and balances;

° Biodiversity, ecosystems, protected areas;

° Monitoring, ecological and technological safety of life;

° Geological, geophysical and Space phenomena, forecast of their impact on the environment;

° GIS and IT systems;

° Environmental education


The topics of the”Green Forum”: 

° Biosafety and biodiversity;

°  Energy and sustainable development;

° Public participation in decision-making processes;

° Environmental education;

° Urban planning and transport.


According to the results of the Conference and the Forum the reports and magazine will be published.

During the events an exhibition of environmentally friendly technologies, as well as literature, magazines and other popular products and information is planned. The organisers will provide an opportunity for informal contacts among the representatives of green business, public, experts, academics, local and regional authorities.


Events will be held at the Institute of Nature Management and Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Address: Moskovska Street, 6, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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