Appeal of Zelenyi Svit / Friends of the Earth Ukraine concerning the situation in our country

The events of the recent days clearly show the brutal violence by Ukrainian Authorities against the Constitution of Ukraine and international laws. The cruel and bloody fight of police against peaceful protesters in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, neglecting public opinion, unwilling to take the responsibility for the state economic and political crisis, and total failure in foreign affairs means, that such Authorities (President and Government) have no more right to represent the people of Ukraine.

We demand the Parliament opposition parties to keep the demands generated by the Public Assembly: the resignation of the President and the Government.

We appeal to the deputies of all levels, to the officials, judges, to the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine to support the people’s will and never perform the criminal orders of the Authorities.

We appeal to the Ukrainian citizens with the demand to keep calm and continue requiring the compliance with their Constitutional rights in a peaceful way.

We recall that according to the Constitution of Ukraine the bearer of the sovereignty and the only source of the authority in Ukraine are the citizens. The people exercise the power directly or through the public authorities. No one in our state can assume the state power.

These days Ukraine has another chance to return to building the European state on the principles of justice and the rule of law. We aim to have such a state, where the civil society really controls and influences all the branches of power, participates in the decision making and have equal and free access to justice and to information.

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