Pavlo Khazan: Decision of Ukrainian Parliament on Khmelnitsky NPP is corrupt and puts Ukraine in position depending on the “Rosatom”

On September 6 2012 Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Draft Law “On the design and construction of energy blocks N3 and N4 at the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant.” 253 deputies voted for this bill.

Pavlo Khazan, the Ukrainian delegate to European Green Party and the chair of Dnipropetrovsk regional organisation of the Green Party of Ukraine, commenting on the event said that greens clearly assessed this decision as a betrayal of the interests of Ukraine.

“It makes a serious problem for the country as a whole, its national sovereignty, environmental and economic security. This decision is corrupt and puts Ukraine in position depending on the “Rosatom”. At the same time citizens of Ukraine will have to pay out of their pockets for this economically disadvantageous and dangerous project, which costs according to official data 4,13 billion USD” – said Pavlo Khazan. – “Moreover, this decision is a demonstration of complete disregard the opinions of experts and public, who unanimously declared – no construction NPP.”

So-called “the block of the third generation” has not yet been built or tested in any country in the world. This is a terrible experiment which can be realised on Ukrainians, because the basic construction is the construction that hasn’t been closed since 1986, when the Chernobyl disaster happened. Each energy block will provide Reactor VVER-1000/V-392 with nominal heat output from 3012 MW.

“The progressive community around the world reached the same conclusion – nuclear power is the most expensive and the most dangerous. After Chernobyl and Fukushima no one has any doubt that using of “peaceful atom” was and is a terrible and tragic mistake in the history of mankind, which cost the lives and health of millions people. Instead of making plans for the rational energy consumption and improving energy efficiency and introduction of renewable energy sources Ukraine makes steps to the past for 30 years.

Taking such irresponsible decisions is a crime against the Ukrainian people. Ukraine should be joined with other European countries to stop building nuclear power plants and abandon altogether the construction of new nuclear power plants” – said Pavlo Khazan .

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