EU must work to strengthen pro European forces

The Greens | European Free Alliance in the European Parliament

Commenting on today’s debate on the situation in Ukraine and the relations to the newly elected Verkhovna Rada, Greens foreign affairs spokesperson Werner Schulz said:

“The broad consensus in the European Parliament and Council to retain the course of rapprochement between the European Union and Ukraine is welcome. However, the country still has a lot of work to do to overcome its democratic deficits. The parliamentary elections in October were a significant step backwards compared to previous elections, as underlined by international election observation missions. Ukraine missed a chance to speed-up its association with the EU.

“It is, however, essential that the EU continues to pursue the completion of the association agreement as this provides an incentive for absolute necessary reforms of the judicial system and electoral law, as well as for measures to combat corruption and for ending politically-motivated trials against opposition leaders.

“The EU must also push for a rapid standardisation and simplification of visa procedures and, ultimately, visa liberalisation. We must further promote the pro European and pro-democratic forces in Ukraine. Hopefully, the strengthened opposition in the new Ukrainian parliament will embrace the mandate from their voters and follow up their ideas for reforms in the political arena.”

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