Woodburn Forest – no fracking!

Ми з Olexiy Angurets брали участь в акції по блокуванню майданчика, де збиралися незаконно видобувати сланцевий газ в Вудбурнському лісі, неподалік Белфасту. Впродовж 5 місяців Friends of the Earth […]

Hector de Prado of Friends of the Earth Spain: new campaign against fracking

Friends of the Earth Spain launched a campaign titled “Municipalities Free From Fracking” aiming to raise awareness among local authorities on the huge impacts caused by […]

Anti-fracking activists arrested at oil drilling site

Police have arrested several anti-fracking protesters at a sit-in at an oil drilling site near a village, where some activists played cricket to prevent lorries from […]

Shell: Global Mega-Frackers

This briefing compiles numerous examples of Shell fracking around the world, but does not claim to be an exhaustive list. By timing the release with Yoko Ono’s […]

NY Assembly Passes Two Year Fracking Moratorium, Senate Expected to Follow

By Steve Horn In a roll call vote of 95-40, the New York State Assembly has passed a two-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing or fracking, the toxic horizontal drilling process through […]

Germany may ban fracking over environmental concerns

Germany could join other European countries and ban the fracking method of shale gas extraction, according to Germany’s Environment Minister Peter Altmaier. Altmaier says he wants […]

Windsor gas well capped after spewing fracking fluid

A damaged natural gas and oil well north of Windsor that spewed greenish-brown “flow-back fluid” and steam for upward of 30 hours was capped Tuesday afternoon […]

Why New Yorkers Don’t Trust Governor Cuomo on Fracking

Paul Gallay In October 2011 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo frankly admitted that he had yet to earn his constituents’ trust on fracking. Why is there still no […]

How Fracking Impacts Local Food

By Mark Izeman By now the horrific stories of cows mysteriously losing tails, birthing stillborn calves and even dropping dead have made their rounds. I’ve blogged about the dangers […]

Romania: A Different View on Fracking

Getting Ready for Another Unanimous Rejection of Fracking For Romanians who have voiced opposition to plans to allow shale gas operations in Romania, 2013 started with […]