We became aware of armed attacks on the famous musician, composer, public figure Andrey Shilov



The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich 

We became aware of armed attacks on the famous musician, composer, teacher, public figure, and social activist – the guitarist from Dnepropetrovsk Andrey Shilov. We know very well this man personally as he many times played solo concerts and was giving master classes in different European countries such as Denmark, England, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Yugoslavia, Germany etc. and also was the member of Jury and guest-artist on several International Classical Guitar Competitions in Poland, Czech Republic, Russia etc.

We: Arnie Brown (Classical guitarist, teacher, concert performer, member of numerous International Guitar festivels and competitions from Denmark), Brian Wright (Lutenist, composer, specialist in old music, International teacher from the UK), Uros Dojcinovic ( guitarist, composer, scientist,professor of Conservatory in Belgrade, author of many scientific books on the History of guitar from Serbia) several times visited maestro Shilov and stayed in his flat for quite a long time, so we saw by our own eyes the dreadful condition of his flat, heard the noise in the nights from the neighbors above, saw spoiled walls, furniture, floor and even video technique. So, we may confirm that he suffered because of the mockery from those neighbors for many years.

We, friends and colleagues of Andrey Shilov know him since long ago and may insure that he is a very quiet and friendly person, high class professional, good friend, good father. He always helps to everyone who asks him for that. We can never believe (and even imagine) that this man was able to begin any fight, it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! First of all, he would never put under the risk his hands because it is his treasure. Playing classical guitar – it’s almost jewelry, so there is no musician, especially of his level who would do it. Secondly, we know that Andrey many-many times applied to police asking to stop these actions from the neighbors’ side, who threatened to kill him but his written and oral complaints always remained unanswered.

Aforementioned neighbors, on 25th of January 2013, feeling impunity attacked maestro armed with a revolver. They beat him with their feet, hands, and a revolver, broke his right hand with their gun and inflicted many injuries.

The police, who arrived to the call of Andrey, had not taken any actions to arrest criminals and seize their weapons, despite the fact that Andrey told them about the weapon.

Four days later the same neighbors, but in a different combination again attacked Andrey. They were armed with the same gun. When they secondly had aimed the gun to his face Andrey was forced to make a blank shot from a gas pistol, owned legally in order to protect his life. The law permits to do that.

The police again didn’t make any steps to arrest the criminals and to seize their weapon. The neighbors continue to threaten to kill Andrey, but the police ignore his numbered complaints about this fact. The police didn’t do anything to protect Andrey, to isolate criminals and to seize their weapon. Instead of protection the police took off the gas pistol of Andrey thus leaving him with broken hand and without his gun completely defenseless against armed bandits who continue their threats to kill him. Investigation of the cases about the attacks on Andrey Shilov is biased and sluggish. The first survey at the request about another attack on Andrey happened on January 29th was done only on March 15th. Investigating officer puts pressure on Andrey to frighten him, and forces to withdraw his applications.

We are concerned that the authorities are investigating these cases of attacks biased and unprofessionally and that the life of our friend and colleague is under threat. So

We ask President Yanukovych to protect the life of the famous musician, to take these cases under his personal controlto ensure legal decisions and punish as the guilty for crimes against the famous musician, as those responsible for noncompliance with the law in the police forces.


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